Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Amanda Paulauskas Gets Through Life's Hurdles With Style

Hey everyone! Let's just say I had a blast in high school and college, but I've having even more fun now! After high school, I continued on to Boise State. I ran track and cross country there. Let me tell you the 400 hurdles really hurt! And don't get me started on the steeplechase! I also joined the bowling team there and was president of the club for a year. I graduated with a B.S. in Kinesiology with a health and coaching endorsements. I am currently working on my math endorsement. In April 2002, I joined the LDS church. I met my husband Travis after I joined so there wasn't any "flirt to convert" thing going on. We were married a year to the date we met, so on July 26, 2003 we were sealed in the Boise Temple. We have one son Cody who just turned 2 1/2. He looks older than he really is. I used to think that I would be a mom and work full time, but I love being a stay at home mom. I wouldn't change being a mom for the life of me. It is just SO rewarding! Anyway, let's see...jobs...I worked for 9 1/2 years at Target while doing all the schooling (hs and college), I worked full time at Borah High as a paraprofessional. I subbed on occasion after I left teaching to have a child, I have been coaching track and cross country there and still currently am. We just won our 3rd straight girls and 4th straight boys track titles. I like having that on my resume. I am the assistant in XC and the hurdle coach in track. Travis and I are expecting our 2nd child this November. We are expecting a little girl, Hailey. We are very excited. I am sorry that I missed the reunion, but I definitely plan on making the 20th. If anyone wants to get in touch or get together for lunch or something just email me. Paulauskas@juno.com


Friday, August 24, 2007

Scott Montgomery Update!

As luck would have it I’m working and living in Washington DC and won’t be able to attend our reunion unfortunately due to work conflicts. But I thought a little update from the last few years
wouldn’t hurt.
Following graduation I fulfilled a life long dream of going to the former Soviet Union. I had the opportunity to serve a mission for my church in eastern Ukraine where I learned and spoke Russian. I gained a new appreciation for Russian mafia and lived at one time, next to one of the former largest nuclear missile plants in the former Soviet Union.

I returned home and attended BYU where I began studying Russian and Political Science. After changing my major numerous times I finally graduated in 2005 with a BA in Theater Media Arts, with an emphasis in directing and producing for stage, television and film.

Over the last 7 years I’ve been involved in a variety of interesting ventures and projects. I began performing in regional stage productions in Utah and eventually gravitated towards producing and directing. In early 2000 I produced and directed a regional touring production of the musical EVITA. Dan Clark and his wife toured with us in this production, and of course with Dan there was never a dull moment. I continued directing regional theater for a few more years including a production of Jekyll and Hyde.
During college I toured the country with a dance company from New Jersey providing event photography support, where I worked with Christina Aguilera’s Genie in a bottle Choreographer and many other interesting people. The professional dance world is an interesting or perhaps an eclectic place.

While attending BYU I found myself working in television with the local PBS station KBYU. I worked as a producer and writer on the Emmy nominated television series Living Essentials and assistant produced a few documentaries.

In 2006 KSL 5 TV the Salt Lake City NBC affiliate approached me and offered me a position as Executive Producer and creator of a new television series. After 4 months of ridiculous pre-production we launched a daily live entertainment talk show called Studio 5. Upon reaching burn out, I had to find some sanity and normalcy in my life, having had my fill of Martha Stewart/housewife television. I left television, incredible as it was, to work with my brother in real estate investment, which I had been doing previously. Because that would be less stressful, I thought. Actually I love the investment world of real estate and have been doing it since.
Currently I’m working in the Washington DC area temporarily in the marketing field and will be returning to Utah in the fall to continue real estate investment. I’m still single and living up the bachelor life and enjoying it while it lasts. Hopefully I’ll be able to join you all at our next reunion.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Keri Hallmark (Oldroyd)

I was not able to make it to the Reunion, so I wanted to get an update out. It sounds like a lot of fun; sorry we missed out.

First, I have been married for 11 years now. I married Brian Oldroyd on July 12, 1996 in Boise, Idaho. On January 30, 1997 our daughter was born and passed away 2 weeks later on February 13, 1997. Brian and I were 18 years old and were confused, sad and hurt of course, but 10 years down the road we have 3 healthy children and are happier then ever! Sometimes we go through trials, and wonder why is this happening to me…but it made me stronger and more appreciative towards life. My son Bryce is 9 years old and is into the wii, game cube and sports. My daughter Mackenzie is 7 years old and followed her mom’s foot steps with dancing. She is my All American. It’s hard to find a soccer player, baseball player and Ballerina all in one. She does it all! Austin is my 2nd boy and he is 4 and he loves swimming. He finally learned how to jump off our boat and swim in the lake with out being scared.

In 2001 we moved up to Moscow, Idaho so my husband could go to school. We stayed there for 6 months and moved to Pullman, Washington. Pullman is 7 miles away so Brian still attends the U of I and is going on his last year. He is graduating in Accounting. I stayed home with my children until 2004; I was offered a teaching position at a dance studio. I taught Ballet, lyrical, jazz, tap and Cheerleading. It was so nice to be dancing again. On May 1st 2007 I decided to go all the way towards my dreams and start up my own Dance Studio. We opened the doors a month later and are doing great! My studio is called Rising Stars Dance Studio www.risingstarsstudio.com , go check out my site and if anyone moves to the area with little future dancers I’ll hook you up… Dancing has always been a huge part of my life and always will be.

In the past year my husband and I have traveled to the Bahamas, Jamaica, Mexico, and Cayman Islands. There is nothing like the turquoise Ocean. We enjoyed all the snorkeling, cater man sails and of course our time alone. Every parent needs a vacation to get their Batteries re charged! Usually you’ll find us camping and boating with our children and friends. You can check out my myspace for all updates. www.myspace.com/kerdance21

I miss everyone from Centennial. We all had some good times. We did dumb things of course, but it’s fun to laugh about them now. Have fun at the Reunion! It’s been fun reading everyone’s updates.

Take Care, Keri Oldroyd

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Phil moves to Seattle and becomes Pip

The last year or two I was living in Boise, people kept asking me if I was from Seattle. So I decided to check it out. Moving to Seattle felt like moving home. I'd like to live a couple years in New York, and a couple years abroad. But I'd always plan on moving back to Seattle.

Just before leaving, some co-workers nick named me Pip. When I got to Seattle, I introduced myself as Pip. It'll be odd to be called "Phil".

It was in Seattle I met my dearest love: Michelle Molina. When we met, she had Fight Club (the book) sitting next to Ender's Game on her book shelf. That was just over 6 years ago.

Before leaving Boise I did some tech support for HP products. In Seattle I studied Computer Science and History in college before dropping out. I got a job doing tech support for the Seattle University help desk. Left the University to do some tech support for Speakeasy, a local ISP. Then worked a short stint (3 months) as a Microsoft Contractor in the MSN Service Operations Center rebooting hotmail all day long. Left them and landed at my current company Pure Networks.

Pure Networks makes some software you might have heard of, and if you have a D-Link router, you might have called "Network Magic". I started as a Tier 1 support agent, and eventually someone put me in charge. Now I have 5 minions to do my bidding. I have tons of tech support experience and my team is a top notch crew.

Recreationally I drink, play video games, play ping pong, yoyo, contact juggle, I have a strange collection of pets and plants, and read the internet.

As one or two of you may know, I drank mostly vodka in high school. I went through a big whiskey streak, and now mostly drink bourbon. I'm about to embark upon an exploration of tequila.

Beer wise, I most always like Belgians, ambers, and heffs. I'll try most anything. I'm occasionally in the mood for a crisp lager, or a heavy chocolate stout.

Wine I'm all red. I can tell the difference between a $5 bottle and a $50 bottle, but not much more than that.

{video-game-jargon} I play a lot of video games. I still have connected an 8-bit NES, a SNES, a N-64, and a gamecube. I play the SNES almost as much as the 8-bit. 64 and the cube aren't even close. I'll also play any PC RTS I can get my hands on, and I'll try most any turn-based strategy, but I have no interest in MMORPG's or FPS's. {/video-game-jargon}

I might be the best ping pong player in my company (where the ping pong table is) but its up for "debate" (with lots of mandatory shit-talking). On the ladder I'm know as -- Pip "Skullshank" Johnson.

I got a thing for skill-toys; I have a yoyo. You'll see. How I wish I could wow all your kids on Friday at the park, but alas, I'll be attending my cousin's wedding and flying into Boise Saturday morning (as my retarded replied-to-all-when-I-ment-to-reply-spam might have clued you into).

I have a pet Tarantula, 6 hermit crabs, a tank full of sea-monkeys, 1 cat, and my pair of Emperor Scorpions just had babies. I also keep a collection of carnivorous plants.

But more than anything, I read the internet. The best blog in the world is http://blog.wired.com/27bstroke6/ (or as I still prefer to refer to it as "27bstroke6:). Followed by http://www.boingboing.net.

I watch the snipits of Congressional testimony when I can. I read supreme court decisions that I'm interested in. I follow anything related to DMCA, the CSA, and definitely the Patriot Act.

Holy crap do I love me some science. One of the things I'm looking forward to the most is to find out who from my high school has some super fancy-pants-high-tech job. "Do we have any rocket scientists in the room?" Doing something with NSA or some sick nasty aerospace company? Or with genetics or some other nifty bio-tech? If there are any CHS '97 grads working for Google, I'm going to burn with jealousy. Who ended up a lawyer? Who's a doctor? How many people are actually going to show up? How many people did we graduate with?

I've kept in close contact with the Mikes (Cron, Comstock and Rolig) and Jack Christianson. I see Chris Hoen every time I'm in Boise. But most of the rest of y'all are a mystery.

Last weekend I got drunk and jumped naked into a river. Then sat around a camp fire and sang the National Anthem.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Blogs Continue! Happy Holdaways!

Ryan Holdaway Says:

I spent one year attending Snow College, before serving in the Des Moines, Iowa Mission. Within a week of my return, I was reintroduced to a wonderful gal and was engaged a month later. I married Angela Christensen (class of ’99) in the Boise Temple in February 2001. During my first year at Boise State, our first child was born. We were told that we were to expect a boy. However, on April Fool’s Day of 2002, our beautiful daughter, Ryanna, was born!

For the next while, I kept trudging through my classes, served as President of the Pre-Law Society, and was blessed to work at the Idaho Attorney General’s Office. In September of 2004, our first son, Dawson, was born.

After suffering through, and enduring the LSAT, I graduated from BSU in May 2006 with my Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Administration. Last summer, we moved to Moscow, Idaho so I could start law school at the University of Idaho. Class of 2009, baby! I just finished working down at City Hall, with the Moscow City Attorney. As if that wasn’t fun enough, our family expanded by one more and Carter was born on June 22nd, 2007.

I am happy with life, as I have a terrific wife and wonderful children. Ryanna (five) is starting Kindergarten next week, Dawson (three next month) is such a fun little guy and Carter (6 weeks) is learning about how to sleep through the night. Being here in Vandal Country is fun, but I wear my Bronco colors proudly...

Hope you all are well. Take care! Ryan Holdaway
P.S. Angela maintains a blog on our family: www. happyholdaways.blogspot.com.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Post Reunion Pictures and Party Afterthoughts

Word everyone, word. I have to say that going into the the reunion I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. At the moment that I was leaving to get married on August 3rd, we still only had about 50 tickets sold and I was going to be out of town for 2 weeks. I have to say I was worried. But of course 1997 came through and so many of you bought tickets and just showed up. We had about 160 people in attendance - with at least half or more of those being graduates. It took each and every one of us to make the reunion fun and worthwhile, so thanks for showing up!

Pip did some good work at taking pictures and getting links up for us.

All of Pips pictures - CLICK HERE

Just for fun, he scanned the Senior section of the 1997 yearbook. CLICK HERE You can leave comments and link to different people's pictures and stuff. You'll definitely want to check it out. Here is an example of Pip's (click here and here).

If anyone else took pictures or video of the event, send them to me or do what Pip did, and I'll get them up.

Additionally, we'll be keeping the blog going. I have about 15-20 posts to do since many people waited until the last moment when I was on my honeymoon to send their updates. Keep coming back for more!!!

Thanks for everyone making the reunion a success!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Centennial Reunion Email - Ultimate Reunion Details (AKA read!)


See you tonight! Just wanted to remind you of the details of the reunion...see below!!!! The dress code is whatever you want it to be. We are at a club, so you might at least want to pimp yourself out more than you do when you hit a BSU football game. I don't think I'll be wearing a tie...but I hear Mikey is wearing a 3 piece Gucci suit.

Okay, here are the details of the reunion:

Where: The Reef (105 South 6th Street, Boise)
Map: CLICK HERE FOR MAP and then click on the link that says "map"
Parking: There is no specific parking for The Reef - however, there are several self-pay parking garages in the very near vicinity or if you're lucky you might find a spot on the street.
When: Doors open at 6pm/dinner starts at 6:30pm.
What: Reunion party includes program, party, dinner, dancing, and from what I have heard like several grand in DOOR PRIZES. This includes such things as spa packages, white water rafting trips, Burton gear, etc, etc, etc!!! So the prizes might more than make up for your tickets! We will have The Reef privately until 9pm at which point the doors will be open to the general public for a performance by the band Amadan. We are all welcome to stay and enjoy the band, keep talking/drinking, etc. Or you can take off and as I strongly encourage - get some after parties started all over town!
Band description: Amad├ín is an Irish-Gaelic colloquialism for fool or idiot, and a Pacific Northwestern colloquialism for the Irish punkrock institution that attacks the senses from all six sides and routinely orchestrates chaos out of throngs of expectant fans. This band exists for each other and for these people—a crew as integral to the phenomenon as the rogues' gallery of musicianship itself. So climb aboard, batten the hatches, hold onto your pint, and watch this ship of fools rock the boat. Fists in the air and backs against the wall! undefined undefined undefined undefined

For anyone who has purchased tickets - we will have a list at the door with your name on it as well as how many tickets you purchased. If for some reason you can't find your name, make sure you try your maiden and married names, or spouses name. It should be no problem though. For those of you who have not purchased tickets - buy tickets stat! They are $35 and you can use your credit card through the paypal link that is right here on this blog. If you do not purchase them by Saturday at 12pm, then you will need to buy them at the door for $40. Obviously buying the tickets on the blog is a better option. As you can see by the door prize...it could be worth you while if not just to see all us old friends and school mates.